Our suite of services is designed to give your business state-of-the-art tools to protect your people, brand, and assets so you can focus on the growth of your core business functions. Services Include

  • Nationwide Deployment Capability with Setup and Configuration
  • 24×7 Operational support
  • Incident Management: We provide real-time critical event detection by detecting anomalies and fluctuations in cameras, recordings, drive free space, access control panels, workstations, backup power supplies, environmental sensors, and other vital data points.
  • Access Control Monitoring: Global Protection Agency can manage your access control systems, monitor alarms, dispatch guards, verify employee credentials before opening doors remotely, and provide access to emergency services in a crisis.
  • Mass Communications: We have the tools to notify your employees collectively during a critical incident to provide instructions or conduct welfare checks.
  • Social Media Monitoring & Customized Analysis: Global Protection Agency utilizes openly available sources of information and multiple social media platforms to monitor and detect potential threats to your business, special events, executives, or brand. We are also prepared to create customized analytical reports to assess risk to any of your business operations.
  • Employee Travel Tracking: We can provide them with pre-travel briefings, safety checks in dangerous locations, inform them if there is a local issue to be aware of, and help them navigate travel challenges.
  • Situational Awareness: Global Protection Agency can provide you with immediate awareness of evolving local critical incidents that could have an impact on your business operations or the welfare of your staff.
  • Investigations Support: Let us manage all aspects of the investigation to include interviews, evidence management, video review, etc. to assist with both internal and external investigations.